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Stress Free Holiday Cleaning

Every year during the holiday season, my family visits my home. Like many people, I become frantic about beautifully decorating my home. After the tree is put up, I am always left with strewn boxes and tree needles all over the floor. Because I want everything to look perfect, I usually clean for days after decorating. This activity usually leaves me cheerless by the time my family arrives. This year, I realized that I don’t have to do this never ending chore on my own. By hiring a professional cleaning service, I can beautify my home without unnecessary stress. On this blog, you will learn about the benefits of hiring a cleaning service to help you during the holidays. Enjoy this holiday season without the work!

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3 Major Benefits Of Installing A Modern Irrigation System

In the past, if you wanted to water your garden effectively, it was necessary to walk around the garden manually each day and check the soil in various areas to see how wet or dry it was, then stand over those same areas with a watering can or hose. Alternatively, you'd need to move sprinklers or drip tape from one area to another daily if you wanted to avoid wasting water. However, modern irrigation systems allow you to water your garden or lawn effectively, while reducing water waste

There are numerous benefits to installing a modern sprinkler system, including the following: 

Effective Lawn Sprinkler Systems Reduce Water Waste

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that more than 9 billion gallons of water is used each day to water outdoor residential property in the U.S. A good deal of this water is wasted due to inefficient landscape design or sprinkler systems that are out of date or do not function effectively. Investing in a sprinkler system installation allows you to water your lawn, garden, and flowers, while limiting the amount of water you waste on your property.

Modern Irrigation Systems Water Plants Only as Needed

Modern irrigation systems recommended by the EPA bear a WaterSense label and are designed to only water plants as necessary. These systems have a controller that uses a clock, a timer, and a device that monitors local weather conditions, so that the plants on your property receive the precise amount of water they need to meet their needs. WaterSense sprinkler systems help prevent over and under watering, allowing you to keep your plants healthy while limiting wasted water.

Sprinkler Systems Can be Put on Timers to Suit Your Schedule

Most modern sprinkler systems can also be put on a manual timer, as well. This means that if you'll be going out of town, or if you simply prefer to time your irrigation schedule around your other daily activities, you can do so. This scheduling feature allows you to conveniently manage your daily watering tasks. Instead of spending hours standing over your garden with a hose, you can set the irrigation system up on a pre-determined schedule, then rely on it going off each day at the designated time. When this feature is combined with the WaterSense monitor mentioned above, you wind up with a technologically advanced irrigation system that's difficult to beat.

If you're ready to make the switch to a modern irrigation system, contact a local landscaping agency to learn more.