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Stress Free Holiday Cleaning

Every year during the holiday season, my family visits my home. Like many people, I become frantic about beautifully decorating my home. After the tree is put up, I am always left with strewn boxes and tree needles all over the floor. Because I want everything to look perfect, I usually clean for days after decorating. This activity usually leaves me cheerless by the time my family arrives. This year, I realized that I don’t have to do this never ending chore on my own. By hiring a professional cleaning service, I can beautify my home without unnecessary stress. On this blog, you will learn about the benefits of hiring a cleaning service to help you during the holidays. Enjoy this holiday season without the work!

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Let The Design Experts Create A Stunning Easy-To-Care-For Lawn That Benefits You

If you're building a new home and you want to have a beautifully landscaped yard, hiring a landscape designer is a great option. There are many ways that you can enhance the curb appeal of your home with the help of a designer, and you'll want to design with a few things in mind.

Not all plants and greenery are the same, and you want to talk with your designer about things that concern you. If you don't have a ton of time to care for the property, or maintain the greenery, and you want an enclosed yard, the designer can get you everything you need. Ask about the following.


If the lot had to be cleared so your home could be built, this could mean the trees were removed. To make sure you get some privacy in your space, talk with the landscape designer about adding trees. The designer can also help you with picking out a privacy fence if there is a specific area you want the view blocked, or if you want a fence around the entire yard.


There are bushes that don't have to be trimmed and watered, plants that don't need to be pruned annually, and trees that won't fill your yard with leaves. Ask your designer if you can have rock around the home instead of mulch, since you don't have to lay fresh rock annually.

You may want to consider using pine trees for privacy, instead of tall leafy tress if you worry about raking. If you are never home or you don't have a green thumb, let the designer know.

Multi-Purpose Plants

If you are going to have an outdoor patio area, ask for plants around the backside of the home that repel insects like mosquitos. Lemon balm is just one of these options. If you want trees that serve a dual purpose on the property, you may ask for fruit trees. Apple, pear and plum trees can all be planted without needing acres of property.

Let an expert make your yard something of envy, and let them choose the best grass, bushes, tress and other greenery to compliment your newly designed home. There are a lot of landscape designers that work with landscaping companies to get the greenery they need, and you can ask about the costs to have your yard professionally maintained if you don't want to do it on your own. Get started on your new landscape design today.